~Voices Of The City~
~The Night Rose~
~Promotional photograph from The California
Theater promoting the screening of "The Night
Rose" for the week of April 9th, 1921~
~Plot Synopsis~
Before he was known as "the man of a thousand faces," Lon Chaney had already become famous for
portraying underworld characters. If he does not come off well in this Goldwyn picture, in which he
plays a gang leader, it has nothing to do with his acting and everything to do with the editing. The
film was based on a controversial tale of the underworld, The Night Rose, by Leroy Scott. The
Censorship Commission refused to give it their stamp of approval, so it was recut, which eliminated
much of Chaney's part. Leatrice Joy co-stars -- this was one of the last pictures she made before
signing with Paramount and Cecil B. DeMille. Duke McGee (Chaney) takes a liking to Georgia
Rodman (Joy), with little regard to the fact that she is the sweetheart of his bookkeeper, Jimmy
(Cullen Landis). He decides to frame Jimmy, thus getting him out of the way, but Sally, McGee's
former mistress (Betty Schade), foils his plan. Jimmy, however, is shot before he can get away.
Georgia believes Jimmy is dead and goes to a ball thrown by McGee to exact revenge. But Sally grabs
the gun from her hands and completes the job for her. Jimmy recovers from his wounds, and the
picture ends happily.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Wallace Worsley

Written by: Leroy Scott - story
Arthur F. Statter - writer

Leatrice Joy ...  Georgia Rodman
Lon Chaney ...  O'Rourke
John Bowers ...  Graham
Cullen Landis ...  Jimmy
Richard Tucker ...  Clancy
Mary Warren ...  Mary Rodman
Edythe Chapman ...  Mrs. Rodman
Betty Schade ...  Sally
Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn ...  Pierson (as Maurice B. Flynn)
Milton Ross ...  Courey
John Cossar ...  Garrison
~ Lon Chaney, center, receives instruction from director
Wallace Worsley on location for "Voices of the City" (1922)~
~Photograph contributed by Richard Day Gore~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Don Short
Assistant Director: A. Channing Edington
Technical Advisor: William Allen Pinkerton

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: December 1921