~The Unafraid~
~House Peters~
~UF 15: House Peters & Rita Jolivet~
~UF 28: Rita Jolivet, House Peters & Page Peters~
~UF 45: House Peters~
~Plot Synopsis~
This Cecil B. DeMille picture (adapted from the novel by Eleanor M. Ingram) was the screen debut for
French actress Rita Jolivet. Two brothers, Stefan and Michael Balsic (real-life acting brothers House
Peters and Page Peters) are on opposite ends of the Montenegrin political spectrum. Stefan is loyal to the
king, while the dissolute Michael is trying to start a revolution with the help of the secret agent of the
Empire (Theodore Roberts). When he squanders the money needed by the revolutionaries, Michael
decides to court Delight Warren (Jolivet), a New York heiress, and use her money. Delight naively falls for
Michael and goes to Montenegro, but Stefan, who knows of the plot, kidnaps her and forces her to marry
him. Even though Stefan treats her courteously, Delight continues to believe in Michael until he tries to
have his brother poisoned. Since Michael still needs Delight's money, he kidnaps her, along with Danilo
Lesendra, Stefan's right-hand man (Lawrence Peyton). He threatens to blind Lesendra unless Delight pays
him off. She agrees, but Stefan arrives with his men. Michael kills himself in lieu of the disgrace he faces,
and Stefan offers to let Delight return to America. Delight, however, prefers to stay in Montenegro with
her husband. This picture also marked the screen debut of another actress in a bit part -- Marjorie Daw.
She was said to be 14, but judging from photos, she was probably closer to 12.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Written & Directed by: Cecil B. DeMille

Based on the novel The Unafraid by Eleanor M. Ingram (Philadelphia, 1913).

Rita Jolivet ...  Delight Warren
House Peters ...  Stefan Balsic
Page Peters ...  Michael Balsic
William Elmer ...  Jack McCarty (as Billy Elmer)
Lawrence Peyton ...  Danilo Lesendra
Theodore Roberts ...  Dual Empire Secret Agent
Al Ernest Garcia ...  Joseph
Marjorie Daw ...  Irenya
Raymond Hatton ...  Bosnian Valet
Gertrude Kellar ...  Countess Novna
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: Cecil B. DeMille
Cinematography by: Alvin Wyckoff
Film Editing by:
Cecil B. DeMille
Art Direction: Wilfred Buckland
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 4 Reels
Duration: 40 minutes
Released: April 1, 1915