~The Prince of Pilsen~

George Sidney ...  Hans Wagner
Anita Stewart ...  Nellie Wagner
Allan Forrest ...  Frederick, Prince of Pilsen
Otis Harlan ...  Bndit Chief
Myrtle Stedman ...  Princess Bertha of Thorwald
Rose Tapley ...  Lady in Waiting
Wilhelm von Brincken ...  Captain of the Guard
William von Hardenburg ...  Court Physician
Josephine Norman
~243-8: Anita Stewart~
~243-115: Myrtle Stedman~
~Plot Synopsis~
With business at a standstill because of Prohibition, Dutch-born brewer Hans Wagner (George Sidney)
returns to his homeland, hoping to jump-start his business. Invited to join a fraternal lodge, Hans dons the
conclave's uniform, whereupon he is immediately mistaken for the Prince of Pilsen (Allan Forrest). Before
he quite knows what is happening, Hans has been whisked off to the royal palace, where he is expected to
marry Princess Bertha of Thorwald (Myrtle Stedman). Assuming that it's all part of his lodge initiation,
Hans jovially agrees to go through with the wedding ceremony. The truth is revealed at the last minute, by
which time the real Prince has fallen in love with Hans' daughter Nellie (Anita Stewart). The Prince of
Pilsen was adapted from the popular musical comedy of the same name.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Paul Powell

Written by: Anthony Coldeway

Based on the play by Gustave Luders and Frank Pixley.
~243-91: Allan Forrest & George Sidney~
~243-9 Film Scene~
~243-52: Anita Stewart & Allan Forrest~
~243-161: Film Scene~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Belasco Productions

Released by: Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC)

Cinematography by: James Van Trees
Art Direction by: Charles L. Cadwallader & Wilhelm von Brincken
Presenter: John C. Flinn

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: May 2, 1926