~The Eagle~
~Plot Synopsis~
Based on a Pushkin novel, The Eagle stars Rudolph Valentino as a Russian cossack who is the special
favorite of the formidable Catherine the Great (Louise Dresser). He spurns her attentions, preferring not
to be a kept consort. When his lands are stolen from him, Valentino transforms into a Robin-Hood-like
masked avenger. Vilma Banky plays the daughter of the man who killed Valentino's own father. Despite
his thirst for revenge, our hero falls in love with Vilma, who goes the "Lois Lane" route of adoring the
masked-avenger Valentino but disdaining the unmasked Rudy, little guessing that the two are one in the
same. Watch quickly for Gary Cooper as one of Valentino's masked minions.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Clarence Brown

Written by:
Hanns Kräly - uncredited
George Marion Jr. - titles

Based on the short story "Dubrovsky" by Aleksander Sergeevich Pushkin in  
Prose Tales of Alexander Pushkin  (translated from the Russian by T. Keane;
London, 1894).

Rudolph Valentino ...  Lt. Vladimir Dubrovsky, aka The Black Eagle and Marcel Le Blanc
Vilma Bánky ...  Miss Mascha Troekouroff (as Vilma Banky)
Louise Dresser ...  The Czarina, Catherine II
Albert Conti ...  Capt. Kuschka
James A. Marcus ...  Kyrilla Troekouroff (as James Marcus)
George Nichols ...  Judge
Carrie Clark Ward ...  Aunt Aurelia
Michael Pleschkoff ...  Capt. Kuschka of the Cossack Guard
Spottiswoode Aitken ...  Dubrovsky's Father (uncredited)
Mario Carillo ...  Marcel Le Blanc, French Tutor (uncredited)
Gary Cooper ...  Masked Cossack (uncredited)
Jean De Briac ...  (uncredited)
Otto Hoffman ...  Man Whose Purse is Stolen (uncredited)
Eric Mayne ...  Official Asking for Signature (uncredited)
Russell Simpson ...  The Eagle's Lieutenant and Coach Driver (uncredited)
Mack Swain ...  Innkeeper (uncredited)
Gustav von Seyffertitz ...  Court Servant at Dinner (uncredited)
~Vilma Banky & Rudolph Valentino~
Produced by: Art Finance Corporation

Distributed by: United Artists

Produced by: John W. Considine Jr. & Joseph M. Schenck
Cinematography by: George Barnes & Devereaux Jennings        
Film Editing by: Hal C. Kern
Set Decoration by: William Cameron Menzies
Costume Design by: Adrian
Assistant Director: Charles Dorian
Technical Advisor: Michael Pleschkoff

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 73 Minutes
Released: November 8, 1925