~Rockliffe Fellowes~

Born: March 17, 1883 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Died: January 28, 1950 in Los Angeles, California, USA
A former stage actor, tough-looking Rockliffe Fellowes, from Ottawa, Canada, will forever be
remembered as the gangster Owen in Raoul Walsh's gripping The Regeneration from 1915. With an
animalistic sex appeal not dissimilar to that of the much later Eric Roberts, the hardened-by-life
Fellowes is redeemed by the love of society belle turned welfare worker Anna Q. Nilsson. It remains
a wonderful performance in one of the most revived, and admired, films of the 1910s. Fellowes
continued to star onscreen -- often in society melodramas with Ethel Clayton or Clara Kimball
Young -- but he would never again be given such a rewarding part to play. By the 1920s, he was
increasingly seen in supporting roles, often villainous, and sound more or less destroyed his career.
In one of his final credited performances, Fellowes played nasty rancher Bart Quillan, a
megalomaniac scheming to possess an entire valley, in the low-budget Tim McCoy melodrama
Rusty Rides Alone (1933). Rockliffe Fellowes was at one time married to character actress Lucile

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
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