~Robin Hood~
~Plot Synopsis~
The Earl of Huntingdon (Douglas Fairbanks) accompanies King Richard (Wallace Beery) on a
crusade but returns to England when he learns of Prince John's (Sam De Grasse) efforts to secure
the throne for himself. Under the name of Robin Hood he leads a group of men who "take from the
rich; give to the poor." He rescues Lady Marian (Enid Bennett) from Prince John's prison but is
himself captured. The timely reappearance of King Richard returns Robin Hood to Lady Marian and
foils the efforts of Prince John.  

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Directed by: Allan Dwan

Written by: Douglas Fairbanks - story - as Elton Thomas
Kenneth Davenport - uncredited  
Edward Knoblock - uncredited
Allan Dwan - uncredited
Lotta Woods - uncredited

Wallace Beery ...  King Richard the Lion-Hearted
Sam De Grasse ...  Prince John
Enid Bennett ...  Lady Marian Fitzwalter
Paul Dickey ...  Sir Guy of Gisbourne
William Lowery ...  The High Sheriff of Nottingham
Roy Coulson ...  The King's Jester
Billie Bennett ...  Lady Marian's serving woman
Merrill McCormick ...  Prince John's henchman
Wilson Benge ...  Prince John's henchman
Willard Louis ...  Friar Tuck
Alan Hale ...  The Squire / Little John
Bud Geary ...  Will Scarlett (as Maine Geary)
Lloyd Talman ...  Allan-a-Dale
Douglas Fairbanks ...  Earl of Huntingdon / Robin Hood
Frank Austin ...  Friar (uncredited)
Ted Billings ...  Peasant (uncredited)
Nino Cochise ...  Extra (uncredited)
Ann Doran ...  Page to Richard (uncredited)
Robert Florey ...  Taxpaying peasant (uncredited)
Dale Fuller ...  Peasant (uncredited)
Rita Gilman ...  Bit part (uncredited)
Ruth Hiatt ...  Bit part (uncredited)
Virginia Moon ...  Bit part (uncredited)
Gene Roth ...  Bit part (uncredited)
Charles Stevens ...  Prince John's Aide (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Douglas Fairbanks Pictures

Distribution Company: United Artist

Produced by: Douglas Fairbanks
Cinematography by: Arthur Edeson & Charles Richardson (uncredited)
Film Editing by: William Nolan
Supervising Art Director: Wilfred Buckland
Art Direction: Edward M. Langley & Irvin J. Martin
Costume Design by:
Mitchell Leisen (as Leisen)
Makeup Artist: George Westmore
Assistant Art Director: Anton Grot & William Cameron Menzies
Set Designer: Lloyd Wright
Stunts: Charles Lewis,
Richard Talmadge & David Sharpe
Fencing Stunts: Fred Cavens
Still Photographer: A.F. Kales
Technical Director: Robert Fairbanks
Research Director: Arthur Woods
Scenario Editor: Lotta Woods

Length: 11 Reels
Runtime: 133 Minutes
Released: October 18, 1922
~Aeriel view of the set of Robin
Hood, 1922~
~(L to R) Scenario editor Lotta Woods, co-writer
Kenneth Davenport, Douglas Fairbanks & literary
consultant Edward Knoblock. -Pickfair,
pre-production of Robin Hood 1922.~
~Willard Louis & Alan Hale, center right,
supporting Douglas Fairbanks on their hands in
a scene from Robin Hood, 1922.~
~Ednid Bennett & Costume
Designer Mitchell Leisen~