~Lorraine of the Lions~
~Norman Kerry & Patsy Ruth Miller~
~Plot Synopsis~
John Livingston marries a circus performer. His wealthy father disowns him but later offers to care
for his daughter, Lorraine. John agrees, and the girl is put on a boat bound for the United States.
On the voyage, the ship strikes a derelict and sinks, leaving Lorraine stranded on a desert island.
She is cared for by lions and a gorilla, growing to maturity with a wild and wholly natural grace. Don
Mackay, a fortune-teller, is eventually consulted by Lorraine's wealthy grandfather, and he divines
her whereabouts. Livingston mounts an expedition to the island and returns to civilization with the
girl and her pet gorilla, Bimi. During a formal dinner Lorraine is ill at ease, and Bimi, who
misbehaves in sympathy, is put in a cage. That night, there is a thunderstorm, and the frightened
gorilla escapes from the cage, carrying off Lorraine. Don Mackay rescues her, and the gorilla attacks
him. Bimi is shot and killed, leaving Lorraine alone to mourn for him. Don prepares to go, and
Lorraine, who has fallen in love with him, announces that she intends to go along with him.

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Directed by: Edward Sedgwick

Written by: Isadore Bernstein  - screenplay
Isadore Bernstein  - story
Carl Krusada  - writer

Norman Kerry ...  Don Mackay
Patsy Ruth Miller ...  Lorraine
Fred Humes ...  Bimi
Doreen Turner ...  Lorraine (at 7)
Harry Todd ...  Colby
Philo McCullough ...  Hartley
Joseph J. Dowling ...  Livingston Sr
Frank Newburg ...  Livingston Jr
Rosemary Cooper ...  Mrs. Livingston
Walter Brennan ...  (uncredited)
Jack A. Goodrich ...  Young Bimi Young (uncredited)
W. Stuart McCrea ...  Ship's Captain (uncredited)
~Norman Kerry & Patsy Ruth Miller~
~Norman Kerry~
~Patsy Ruth Miller~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced and Released by: Universal Pictures

Cinematography by: Virgil Miller
Carl Laemmle

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: March 26, 1927