~Long Live The King~
~Plot Synopsis~
Crown Prince Otto of Livonia, wishing to be like an ordinary little boy, runs away with Bobby, an
American playmate. The king dies, and when the prince does not appear, the people begin to rise in
revolution. Finally Otto hears the death knell for the king. In his hasty return to the palace, Otto is
intercepted by revolutionaries and held captive until his friend Lieutenant Nikky rescues him. He
arrives at the palace in time to restore order.  

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Directed by: Victor Schertzinger

Written by:
C. Gardner Sullivan - adaptation
Eve Unsell - adaptation

Based on the novel Long Live the King by Mary Roberts Rinehart (Boston
& New York, 1917).

Jackie Coogan ...  Crown Prince Ferdinand William Otto
Rosemary Theby ...  Countess Olga
Ruth Renick ...  Princess Hedwig
Vera Lewis ...  Archduchess Annuncita
Alan Hale ...  King Karl
Allan Forrest ...  Nikky
Walt Whitman ...  The Chancellor
Robert Brower ...  The King
Raymond Lee ...  Bobby (the American boy)
Monte Collins ...  Adelbert
Sam Appel ...  Black Humbert
Allan Sears ...  Bobby's Father
Ruth Handforth ...  Mrs. Braithwaite (the governess)
Larry Fisher ...  Herman Spier
Eddie Boland ...  Chief Guard
Loretta McDermott ...  Countess Olga's maid
Henry A. Barrows ...  The Bishop (as Henry Barrows)
Charley Chase
~C510: Rosemary Theby~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced and Released by: Metro Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Fred B. Good

Runtime: 25 Minutes
Released: June 13, 1916