~Whatever Cleopatra May Have Been She Was No Hypocrite~

~In this mighty production the career of Egypt's Vampire Queen is shown from beginning to end.
Her conquests of the three greatest men of her time-not by armies but by her womanly wiles. The
costumes worn by Miss Bara are one of the striking features of the production. Words can hardly
describe the costume she wears in the scene when she first meets the noble Ceaser. Theda Bara
presents a picture that out rivals is splendor and sensuousness anything that the real Cleopatra may
have attempted. "Cleopatra" is a production that you will never forget.

~Dunkirk Evening Observer, Monday, April 1, 1918
Directed by: J. Gordon Edwards

Written by:
H. Rider Haggard - novel
Adrian Johnson - writer

Based on the play  Antony and Cleopatra  (London, ca. 1606-07, published
1623) by William Shakespeare and his play  Julius Caesar  (London, 1599,
published 1623) and the play  Cléopâtre  by Victorien Sardou and Émile
Moreau (Paris, 23 Oct 1890) and other historical works.

Theda Bara ...  Cleopatra
Fritz Leiber ...  Caesar
Thurston Hall ...  Antony
Alan Roscoe ...  Pharon
Herschel Mayall ...  Ventidius
Dorothy Drake ...  Charmian
Delle Duncan ...  Iras
Henri De Vries ...  Octavius Caesar
Art Acord ...  Kephren
Hector Sarno ...  Messenger
Genevieve Blinn ...  Octavia
Edith Emmons ...  Dancer (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Producer: William Fox
Cinematography by: John W. Boyle    
Rial Schellinger    
George Schneiderman
Film Editing by: Edward M. McDermott
Production Design by: George James Hopkins
Art Direction by: George James Hopkins
Set Direction: George James Hopkins
Costume Design by: George James Hopkins

Length: 11 Reels
Runtime: 125 minutes
Released: October 14, 1917
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