~A Self-Made Failure~
~Plot Synopsis~
Lloyd Hamilton plays the title character in this light comedy. The failure, also known as Breezy, has been
given custody of Sonny (Ben Alexander), because his dying father thought he had become a successful
businessman. Breezy is actually a tramp, and he takes Sonny and his dog on his travels. They wind up in
Sulphur Springs, where Cyrus (Sam DeGrasse), who runs the health resort, mistakes Breezy for the new
medical advisor. Sonny stays with kindly Grandma Neal (perennial kindly old lady Mary Carr), and Breezy
discovers that the resort actually belongs to her -- Cyrus is a crook who has swindled her out of it. Breezy
and Sonny help Grandma Neal get her resort back. Sonny convinces Breezy to stay behind -- his dog has
had puppies, so it's time to put down roots. Patsy Ruth Miller and Matt Moore play the incidental love

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Directed by: William Beaudine

Written by:
Violet Clark - writer
John Grey - writer
Tamar Lane - adaptation
J.K. McDonald - story
Lex Neal - writer

Ben Alexander ...  Sonny
Lloyd Hamilton ...  Breezy
Matt Moore ...  John Steele
Patsy Ruth Miller ...  Alice Neal
Mary Carr ...  Grandma Neal
Sam De Grasse ...  Cyrus Cruikshank
Charles Reisner ...  Spike Malone (as Chuck Reisner)
Victor Potel ...  Pokey Jones
Dan Mason ...  Dan
Harry Todd ...  The Constable
Alta Allen ...  Mrs. Spike Malone
Doris Duane ...  The Waitress
Priscilla Moran ...  Alice Neal, age 4
Cameo the Dog   
Dot Farley ...  (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: J.K. McDonald Productions

Distributed by: Associated First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Ray June & Barney McGill    
Film Editing by: Howard Bretherton & Beth Matz    
Presenter: J.K. McDonald

Length: 8 Reels
Released: June 29, 1924