~Who Are My Parents~
aka A Little Child Shall Lead Them
~DAW3-46: L. Rogers Lytton & Peggy Shaw~
~Plot Synopsis~
This drama was plugged as a grand paean to motherhood, but judging from the plot, it seems more
focused on promoting adoption which, in any case, was a noble cause. Betty Lewis (Peggy Shaw) is in
love with Bob Hale (Robert Agnew), but her father, the formidable Colonel Lewis (the formidable L.
Rogers Lytton) disapproves of the match. Betty marries Hale secretly, but he is killed and when Betty's
baby is born, the Colonel takes it away and tells her it died. Later Betty marries another man, Ken Tyler
(Niles Welch), but her father insists that she keep her past a secret. When Betty finds her child in an
orphanage the truth comes out. Tyler denounces her, but he finds out that he, too, was an orphan and he
begs her forgiveness. Director J. Searle Dawley used a group of overly precocious children to play the
orphans at the asylum -- according to critics of the day, some of them acted as if they were three going on

Plot Synosis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: J. Searle Dawley    

Written by: Paul Sloane

Based on the short story "The Divine Gift" by Merle Johnson (publication

L. Rogers Lytton ...  Colonel Lewis
Peggy Shaw ...  Betty Lewis
Florence Billings ...  Barbara Draper
Ernest Hilliard ...  Frank Draper
Robert Agnew ...  Bob Hale
Adelaide Prince ...  Mrs. Tyler
Niles Welch ...  Ken (her son)
Marie Reichardt ...  Hannah
Florence Haas ...  Orphan
Jimmie Lapsley ...  Orphan
Leonard Rosenfeld ...  Lazy Bill
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Release by: Fox Film Corporation

Produced by: William Fox  
Cinematography by: Joseph Ruttenberg    

Runtime: 90 Minutes
Released: November 26, 1922
~DAW3-59: Peggy Shaw, Florence Haas & Jimmie Lapsley~
~DAW3-24: L. Rogers Lytton & Peggy Shaw~