~The Top of New York~
~413-43: Pat Moore, May McAvoy & Carrie Ward Clark~
~Plot Synopsis~
William Desmond Taylor's final film -- a poorly paced, overly sentimental romance -- only proves that if
he had not been the victim of an unsolved murder, his name would likely have faded into the far reaches
of silent-cinema history. Although as a human being he apparently had many admirers (one of them was
the star of this picture, May McAvoy; another was set designer George Hopkins, who wrote the scenario),
his directing skills were rarely more than competent. For some reason, he had the brunette McAvoy wear
a blonde wig as Hilda O'Shaunnessy, which detracted from her good looks. Hilda lives in a tenement
apartment with her aunt, Mrs. Brady (Carrie Clark Ward), and her crippled younger brother Micky (Pat
Moore), and works in a department store where her boss lusts after her. But happiness comes into her life
when she meets artist Emery Gray (Walter McGrail). Gray's wife deserted him long ago, leaving him with
their daughter Susan (Mary Jane Irving) to raise. While Susan and Micky become playmates, Hilda
restores Gray's faith in womanhood. He offers to pay for an operation for Micky and also puts to rout the
wicked boss -- who turns out to be the man who stole his wife.

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Directed by: William Desmond Taylor

Written by:  
George James Hopkins - adaptation
Julia Crawford Ivers - scenario
Sonya Levien - story

May McAvoy ...  Hilda O'Shaunnessey
Walter McGrail ...  Emery Gray
Pat Moore ...  Micky O'Shaunnessey
Edward Cecil ...  Gregory Stearns
Charles Bennett ...  Mr. Isaacson
Mary Jane Irving ...  Susan Gray
Carrie Clark Ward ...  Mrs. Brady
Arthur Hoyt ...  Mr. Brady
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Realart Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures & Realart Pictures

Produced by: Jesse L. Lasky  
Cinematography by: James Van Trees    
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 18, 1922