~The Splendid Lie~
~718-16: Jere Austin & Grace Davidson~
~718-17: Jere Austin & Grace Davidson~
~Gladys Valerie & Jere Austin~
~Plot Synopsis~
Grace Davison, a minor, long-forgotten silent star, has the lead in this ordinary, independently made
drama. While on vacation with her grandfather (Jack Drumier), Doris Delafield (Davison) meets a man
who calls himself Francis Trainor (J. Thornton Baston). A romance blooms and he proposes. Doris
accepts, only to discover Trainor is really Dean DeWitt, and there is already a cold and unforgiving Mrs.
DeWitt. Mrs. DeWitt drags her wayward husband to divorce court and names Doris as co-respondent,
which destroys the girl's reputation. To add to Doris' woes, her grandfather winds up in prison in an
attempt to protect her. Doris' life begins to turn around when banker James Holden (Jere Austen) helps
her land a position as secretary to a wealthy woman. Her reputation is finally restored to its former
pristine sheen and Holden, who has fallen in love with her, proposes. Since this time there is no vengeful
wife waiting in the wings, Doris is more than happy to accept.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed & Written by: Charles Horan

Grace Davison ...  Dorris Delafield
Jack Drumier ...  David Delafield
Noel Tearle ...  Crafton Wolcott
Jack Baston ...  Dean De Witt (as J. Thornton Baston)
Mabel Bardine ...  Goldie
Jere Austin ...  James Holden
Emily Fitzroy ...  Mrs. Wolcott Delafield
Gladys Valerie ... uncredited role
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: J.G. Pictures

Distribution Company: Arrow Film Corporation

Produced by: Hal Lyons

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: January 3, 1922