~The Red Dance~
~R.W.-23-66: Ivan Linow & Dolores Del Rio~
~Plot Synopsis~
Just before the Russian Revolution, Tasia, a young peasant girl, is ordered to kill the Grand Duke Eugen,
considered an enemy by the revolutionaries, on the eve of his marriage to Princes Varvara. Because Tasia has
fallen in love with Eugen, she deliberately misses when she shoots at him. After the revolution begins, Tasia is
taken under the wing of Ivan Petroff, a fellow peasant who loves her. Ivan eventually rises to the rank of
general, while Tasia becomes famous as "The Red Dancer of Moscow," a heroine to the revolution. Tasia
again encounters Eugen after powerful General Tanaroff arranges for him to be arrested. When Tasia pleads
with Ivan for his help, admitting that she loves Eugen, he sacrifices his own love for her and saves Eugen from
going before a firing squad.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
Directed by: Raoul Walsh

Written by:
Malcolm Stuart Boylan - titles
Eleanor Browne - story
Pierre Collings - adaptation
James Ashmore Creelman - writer
Philip Klein - adaptation

Based on the novel
The Red Dancer of Moscow by Henry Leyford Gates.  

Charles Farrell ...  Grand Duke Eugen
Dolores del Rio ...  Tasia
Ivan Linow ...  Ivan Petroff
Boris Charsky ...  An agitator
Dorothy Revier ...  Princess Varvara
Andrés de Segurola ...  General Tanaroff
Demetrius Alexis ...  Rasputin
Henry Armetta ...  Prisoner
Nigel De Brulier ...  Bishop
Soledad Jiménez ...  Tasia's Mother
Muriel McCormac ...  Tasia as a child
Barry Norton ...  Rasputin's Assassin
Magda Sonja ...  Undetermined Role
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Fox Film Corporation

Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Produced by: William Fox

Cinematography by: Charles G. Clarke & Jack A. Marta
Film Editing by: Louis R. Loeffler
Assistant Director: Archibald Buchanan
Property Master: Don B. Greenwood  

Reels: 10
Runtime: 103 minutes
Released: December 2, 1928
~R.W.23-203: Dorothy Revier & Charles Farrell~
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