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~Harold Lloyd~
~Plot Synopsis~
~A Plot Synopsis for Speedy is coming soon!~
Directed by: Ted Wilde    

Written by:
John Grey - story & screenplay  
Lex Neal - story & screenplay
Howard Emmett Rogers - story & screenplay
J.A. Howe - story & screenplay
Al Boasberg
Albert DeMond - titles
Paul Girard Smith

Harold Lloyd ...  Harold 'Speedy' Swift
Ann Christy ...  Jane Dillon
Bert Woodruff ...  Pop Dillon - Her Grand-daddy
Brooks Benedict ...  Steve Carter
Babe Ruth ...  George Herman Ruth
Ernie Adams ...  Coney Island Baseball Concessionaire (uncredited)
James Bradbury Jr. ...  Chauffeur (uncredited)
Josephine Crowell ...  Lady in Car (uncredited)
Andy De Villa ...  Traffic Cop (uncredited)
James Dime ...  Tough (uncredited)
King Tut the Dog ...  (uncredited)
Bryon Douglas ...  W.S. Wilton (uncredited)
Bobby Dunn ...  Tough (uncredited)
Herbert Evans ...  Restaurant Manager (uncredited)
Lou Gehrig ...  Himself (uncredited)
Walter Hiers ...  Soda Fountain Cook (uncredited)
Jack Hill ...  Man (uncredited)
Hank Knight ...  Civil War Veteran (uncredited)
Gus Leonard ...  Civil War Veteran (uncredited)
Marvin Loback ...  Fat Man (uncredited)
Sam Lufkin ...  Man (uncredited)
Jack Perry ...  Tough (uncredited)
Dan Wolheim ...  Dan Abrith - Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: The Harold Lloyd Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: Harold Lloyd (uncredited)  
Cinematography by: Walter Lundin    
Film Editing by: Carl Himm    
Art Direction by: Liell K. Vedder
Makeup for Mr. Lloyd: Wallace Howe  
Production Mananger: John L. Murphy  
Assistant Director: Gaylord Lloyd  
Visual Effects Supervisor: Roy Pomeroy (uncredited)  
Special Photography: Henry N. Kohler   
General Manager: William R. Fraser: The Harold Lloyd Corporation  
Technical Director: William MacDonald  
Dog Trainer: Ebenezer Henry (uncredited)  
Publicity Director: Joe Reddy (uncredited)
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