~Slums Of Berlin~
~Plot Synopsis~
Gerald Lamprecht's impressionistic 1925 character study Die Verrufenen was released in the U.S. in
1927 as The Slums of Berlin. Bernard Goetzke heads the cast as paroled convict Robert Kramer,
trying to scratch out a meager living despite the misery and deprivation all around him. Unable to
find a job, Kramer decides to end it all by jumping into the river. He is rescued by Emma (Aug Egede
Nissen), a woman of the streets. Though grateful to Emma, Robert cannot help but become involved
with several other women, one of whom already has a husband. The combination of Robert's ex-con
status and his in-built character flaws doom him to a life sentence among the "down-and-outers."
Held in high regard by European critics, Slums of Berlin was less enthusiastically received in the U.S.,
where one cynical observer suggested the title should have been Bums of Berlin.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Gerhard Lamprecht    

Written by:
Luise Heilborn-Körbitz
Gerhard Lamprecht

Based on the story by Heinrich Zille

Aud Egede Nissen   
Bernhard Goetzke   
Mady Christians   
Arthur Bergen   
Frigga Braut   
Georg John   
Eduard Rothauser   
Frida Richard   
Paul Bildt   
Hildegard Imhof   
Christian Bummerstaedt   
Rudolf Biebrach   
Aribert Wäscher   
Margarete Kupfer   
Maria Forescu   
Rudolf Del Zopp  (as Rudolf Zopp)
Paul Günther   
Robert Garrison   
Max Maximilian   
Sylvia Torf
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: National-Film

Distribution Company: Imported Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Karl Hasselmann
Art Direction by: Otto Moldenhauer
Makeup Artist: Waldemar Jabs
Production Manager: Ernst Körner

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 153 Minutes
Released: January 25, 1927
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