~Sessue Hayakawa~

Born: June 10, 1889 in Nanaura, Chiba, Japan
Died: November 23, 1973 in Tokyo, Japan
~Los Angeles Times~
Nov. 25, 1973 and Dec. 22, 1957
Sessue Hayakawa portrayed Col. Saito, a Japanese imperial army officer whose duty was to build a
bridge over the River Kwai in Thailand with Allied prisoners of war during World War II. He
received an Oscar nomination for his as role the camp commander in "The Bridge on the River
Kwai" (1957) — a role he believed was his greatest.

Hayakawa graduated from the University of Chicago, where he majored in political economy, in
1912. He entered motion pictures in 1913. The following year Thomas Ince wrote and produced "The
Wrath of the Gods," which starred Hayakawa and his wife, Tsuru Aoki.

In 1915 Hayakawa costarred with Fannie Ward in Cecil B. DeMille's "The Cheat." The movie was a
box office success and elevated Hayakawa to stardom. He was one of the great film idols of those
early motion picture days. He was the highest-priced actor in films for a while. His salary rose
astronomically — from $150 a week to $1,000 a week to $7,500 a week — in those taxless wonder
days. The public flocked to his pictures, "The Cheat," "The Tong Man," "An Arabian Knight."
Usually, he was the menace, but he played many a hero role opposite such early-day stars as Bessie
Love, Blanche Sweet, Zasu Pitts and Florence Vidor.

He bought the old wooden lot at the corner of Sunset and Hollywood boulevards and began making
his own pictures — eight a year, writing, directing, editing and starring in them. And then suddenly,
in 1923, he quit Hollywood.

He left Hollywood first for London and then Japan. He came back once to make a talking picture
costarring Anna May Wong. He then discovered France.
Hayakawa starred in Paris on the stage and made 17 French movies. He remained in France until
the end of World War II.

Hayakawa returned to the United States in 1949. He made "Tokyo Joe," with Humphrey Bogart.
After "Tokyo Joe," Hayakawa continued making movies in Japan and doing an occasional American
picture — "Three Came Home," House of Bamboo," and "Bridge on the River Kwai."
Hayakawa's final movie was "The Big Wave" in 1961.

— Associated Press and Cecil Smith in the Los Angeles Times Nov. 25, 1973 and Dec. 22, 1957
~Silent Filmography~
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