~Plot Synopsis~
The King of Spain falls in love with Rosita, a Spanish streetsinger, who in turn loves Don Diego, a penniless
nobleman who defends her when the guards arrest her for singing a song lampooning the lusty king. Rosita
and Don Diego are imprisoned; Don Diego is sentenced to die; and Rosita is summoned by the king and
tempted with gifts of clothing and a luxurious villa. The king arranges a marriage between Rosita and Don
Diego--both blindfolded--making Rosita a countess before she is to become a widow. The queen saves Don
Diego's life by putting blank cartridges in the executioner's guns. Don Diego, feigning death, is brought to
Rosita's villa and jumps up to earn his pardon by saving the king just as the bereaved Rosita raises her
knife to stab him.

Plot Synopsis by afi.com
Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch & Raoul Walsh

Written by:
Adolphe d'Ennery - play "Don César de Bazan"
Philippe Dumanoir - play "Don César de Bazan"
Norbert Falk - story
Edward Knoblock - adaptation & screenplay
Hanns Kräly - writer

Mary Pickford ...  Rosita, a street singer
Holbrook Blinn ...  The King
Irene Rich ...  The Queen
George Walsh ...  Don Diego
Charles Belcher ...  The Prime Minister
Frank Leigh ...  Prison Commandant
Mathilde Comont ...  Rosita's mother
George Periolat ...  Rosita's father
Bert Sprotte ...  Big Jailer
Snitz Edwards ...  Little Jailer
Madame De Bodamere ...  Maid
Philippe De Lacy ...  Rosita's Brother
Donald McAlpin ...  Rosita's Brother
Doreen Turner ...  Rosita's Sister
Mario Carillo ...  Majordomo
Marcella Daly ...  Undetermined Bit Role (uncredited)
Charles Farrell ...  Undetermined Bit Role (uncredited)
Marian Nixon ...  Undetermined Bit Role (uncredited)
Joan Peers ...  Undetermined Bit Role (uncredited)
~Mary Pickford's dress
owned by Debbie
Reynolds and was on
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November 5, 2011~
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Produced by: Mary Pickford Company

Released by: United Artists

Produced by: Mary Pickford
Cinematography by: Charles Rosher   
Music by: Louis F. Gottschalk
Art Direction by: Svend Gade, William Cameron and Menzies
Costume Design by:
Mitchell Leisen
Assistant Director: James Townsend

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Released: September 3, 1923