Kay Francis

Born: January 13, 1905 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Died: August 26, 1968 in New York City, New York, USA
Born Katherine Gibbs, Kay Francis was a sophisticated brunette star with a lisp, deep voice, and
stylish wardrobe. The daughter of actress Katherine Clinton, she began acting onstage in 1925 after
schooling and a couple of jobs; she went on to summer stock and Broadway then in 1929 signed a
Hollywood contract. Francis began accepting virtually every role offered her, going for quantity rather
than quality in her screen work. Soon she became one of Hollywood's most glamorous and
highly-paid stars of the '30s, usually playing stylish, serious-faced heroines in romantic melodramas
and occasional comedies. Near the end of the '30s, her position at Warners was gradually taken over
by Bette Davis, and in the '40s she appeared mostly in "B"-movies. After co-producing and starring in
three films in 1945-46, she spent four years touring with stock companies and then retired from show
business. One of her four husbands was actor Kenneth MacKenna.

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