~Gladys Walton~

Born: April 13, 1903 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died: November 15, 1993 in Morro Bay, CA, USA
A former child actress who may have appeared in the first screen version of The Wizard of Oz,
Fairylogue and Radio-Plays (1908), waif-like Gladys Walton became a star at Universal in the early
'20s. While Priscilla Dean, the studio's top female attraction at the time, played more worldly women,
Walton excelled in the same kind of roles that had made Mary Pickford the screen's foremost
heroine. Walton's films had titles like Pink Tights (1920), Rich Girl, Poor Girl (1921; she played a dual
role), Second Hand Rose (1922), and The Wild Party (1923). By 1923, however, Walton's career was
already on the wane. She left films after the obscure The Ape (1928), in which she shared top billing
with another Universal refugee, Ruth Stonehouse.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
The Ape (1928)
A Little Girl in a Big City (1925) .... Mary Barry
Anything Once (1925)
The Sky Raider (1925) .... Marie
Easy Money (1925)
Enemies of Youth (1925)
The Near Lady (1923) .... Nora Schultz
The Wild Party (1923) .... Leslie Adams
The Untameable (1923) .... Edna Fielding/Joy Fielding
... aka The Two Souled Woman (USA)
... aka The White Cat (USA)
Sawdust (1923) .... Nita Moore
Crossed Wires (1923) .... Marcel Murphy
The Town Scandal (1923) .... Jean Crosby
Gossip (1923) .... Caroline Weatherbee
The Love Letter (1923) .... Mary Ann McKee
A Dangerous Game (1922) .... Gretchen Ann Peebles
The Lavender Bath Lady (1922) .... Mamie Conroy
The Girl Who Ran Wild (1922) .... M'liss
Top o' the Morning (1922) .... 'Jerry' O'Donnell
The Trouper (1922) .... Mamie Judd
Second Hand Rose (1922) .... Rose O'Grady
The Wise Kid (1922) .... Rosie Cooper
The Guttersnipe (1922) .... Mazie O'Day
The Room of Death (1921)
Playing with Fire (1921/I) .... Enid Gregory
High Heels (1921) .... Christine Trevor
The Rowdy (1921) .... Kit Purcell
Short Skirts (1921) .... Natalie Smith
The Man Tamer (1921) .... The lion tamer
Desperate Youth (1921) .... Rosemary Merridew
All Dolled Up (1921) .... Maggie Quick
... aka The Bobbed Squad
Rich Girl, Poor Girl (1921) .... Nora McShane/Beatrice Vanderfleet
Risky Business (1920) .... Phillipa
Pink Tights (1920) .... Mazie Darton
The Secret Gift (1920) .... Winnie
La La Lucille (1920) .... Peggy Hughes

The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays (1908)