Hello, welcome to SilentHollywood.com. My name is Kay Shackleton
and I am the creator of this website. My background in Silent Films
began with my father. He was an extra in silent films and I received
a handful of movie still photographs from his estate. At the time I
received these stills, I had just started selling on eBay to
supplement my income. I sold my father’s stills, but decided to keep
the scans. In my early days of selling on eBay, I sold many things.
But, when I stumbled upon a large collection of silent film
photographs and movie still images at an estate sale near my home,
I started to specialize in this area.

Many of the images that I sold from this estate were purchased by
various institutes and libraries, including the Margaret Herrick
Library – owned by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts &
Sciences.  About a year later, an airing of the Antiques Road Show
planted a seed. This episode filmed the vault at the Margaret Herrick
Library, showing where they keep these rare items. And then I
thought, “That is wonderful, but how will the mainstream public ever
get an opportunity to see these images?”

That thought was the beginning for SilentHollywood.com. My initial
idea was to present these images as an Internet style scrapbook.
But as I began to build SilentHollywood.com, I realized that I would
need a separate page for each star, film, filmmakers and so forth. It
wasn’t long before I realized that my simple online scrapbook would
become a data base for silent movie still images.

Now, SilentHollywood.com has a collection of silent film images,
many that represent images from films that no longer exist in film
form. So, it is my mission to continue to build SilentHollywood.com
to represent even more rare images and information.  I know that
this will be my life’s work, and I enjoy every moment that I get to
work on SilentHollywood.com.

Thank you for visiting SilentHollywood.com. I am lucky to have
many silent film fans and historians to aid me in my work and this
website is a collective effort.  I hope you continue to check back and
enjoy this website.


Kay Shackleton